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Obama proposes a raise for higher education funding

In his education budget for fiscal year (FY) 2014-15, President Obama has requested almost $155 billion in federal student aid assistance, which includes...

What is a Grant?

Grants are a non-repyable funds or other assistance which are given away for free -- hence the term "free money" -- and never have to be paid back. Grants are given to fund business start-ups or enlagement, grants to expand or complete the degree, for research, non-profits, grants for artists, and many more...

Typically, those who give grants are: government entities, corporations, educational institutions, private foundations or trusts. Those who can apply for grants often (but not always) include non-profit organziations, busineses, educational institutions and individuals. In order to receive a grant, some level of compliance and reporting, known as either a "Grant Proposal Writing" or an application, is usually required.

Apply for Educational Grant

Education is the key to landing the best paying job. The government offers many kinds of grants to give a hope to every less fortunate person to attain their goals in life and help them to have a better life.

If you have no money to pay for college there is a great way you can afford to continue your education -- Government grant for college will go far at paying the cost of your education. Money from federal government you can use not only for anything relating directly to your education but for other expenses just like housing, books and tuition, of course.

Grant money is a wonderful way to finance your college education. United States government is encouraging women and men to take up their further education and is assisting you in funding your higher studies.

The federal government expects you to find out about it's government grant money programs all by yourself. But with so many types of grant programs avalable today that's almost an impossible task.

The government isn't interested in hiding this information from you. They are so busy in developing government financial accistance programs that they have very little time for promoting them.

Today you can enjoy from billions in government money as grants for students, enterpreneurs, businesses, unemployed, minority, etc. for any purpose and the good news is you don't have to pay it back.

Eligibility: Who is eligible for a grant money? Education grants can be applied for by any American college student who is at least 18 years old. The government recognizes the need to support specific groups of population just like single mothers, minority college students, and women in general, by helping them earn the degree they want but would otherwise not be able to afford college education.

How to Apply: Applications can be submitted online. You need to fill in a form and submit it with other relevant letters of reference and official transcripts from school or college you attended.

Discover how you can Receive Government Grants for Small Business, Education, Minority Grants and a wide range of Financial Assistance and never repay one single cent.

Obama pushes to hold down student loan interest rates

Pres. Barack Obama is urging Congress to prevent an increase in student loan rates, saying rising college costs hold back the entire middle class and unfairly saddle young people with more debt just as they are starting out in their adult lives. (May 31).

Elvina Nawaguna, Reuters. Edited by education government grants staff
Obama pushes to hold down student loan interest rates

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